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Android Apps and Coupon Codes For You!

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First: Promo Codes:

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Did you know that there are apps for the blind and visually impaired? These four useful Android apps are indispensable for anyone with vision difficulties.


Magnify enlarges small characters and other materials that are difficult to read. It’s simple to use: point your phone’s camera at the text you want to read and tap to zoom in or out. You can also tap and hold to activate or deactivate a light for when the surroundings are too dim to see properly. The app can save you having to put on your glasses or contact lenses and can be especially useful in emergency situations.

Blind-Droid Wallet

Identifying money can be a challenge for both blind and visually impaired people. Blind-Droid Wallet identifies the value of notes. Place a note in front of the phone’s camera, and it will announce the value. Once downloaded, the app does not require Internet access to operate, making it a great portable tool for identifying the value of cash.


Do you like reading? Audible is a book lover’s paradise and a must for visually impaired readers. The app gives access to a library of over 150,000 titles in all genres including classics and best-sellers. Key features include book transfers between devices via Wi-Fi, sleep mode, adjusting narration speed, and bookmarking. This is a must-have for visually impaired people who love to read.

Ray eBook Reader

Ray eBook Reader is another useful app for people who love reading. It provides readers with an impressive library of free audio books provided by foundations around the world. Key features are finger gestures, automatic backup, and direct connection to the online repository of audio books. This app naturally complements Audible on your Android device.

Modern technology provides many helpful and entertaining apps for people with visual impairments. This list contains just a few that should be at the top of your list. Make the most of them!