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Cheap Noise-Cancelling Headphones and More Mother’s Day Gifts

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Do you have a special person in your life that is vision impaired? As Mothers Day approaches, it is time to give some thought to a gift that she will not only appreciate, but one that will make her day to day life a little easier. The following suggestions are easily located items that are generally inexpensive.

Best Cheap Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Those who are visually impaired are more attuned to sounds in their immediate environment. Sometimes giving them the gift of not hearing the refrigerator humming can be an incredibly stress-relieving experience for them. And while some NC headphones run around $300, you can get a good pair for under $50. Here’s a good list:

  • Audio or Large Print BooksLarge print books may be oversized, but most just have larger print, making them easier to read but not difficult to handle. An audio book is a CD that can be listened to. Someone else has read the book out loud, word for word, and recorded the session.
  • Large Button PhoneLarge button phones are simplified, oversized phones with buttons an inch or so in size. They can come with features like lighted keypads and even the ability to speak the numbers as they are dialed.
  • Talking Watch – Talking watches are extremely handy for the active visually impaired. When out of the house, large print clocks are not common but with the push of a button on the side of the watch, the time can be spoken out loud.
  • Large Print Clock – Large print clocks have large numbers and hands. Large digital read out clocks are also available as well as clocks that can speak the time when a button is pushed.
  • Large Print Playing Cards – Large print playing cards can allow your special one to play card games again, either with you or games of solitaire. Decks of cards can be found with raised numbers and even Braille.
  • Motion Activated Lights – These lights can be installed along hallways or any path through the house that a visually impaired person must travel at night such as to the bathroom or kitchen. As the person approaches, lights automatically turn on to aid in navigation.
  • Object Locaters – Object locators are similar to phone handset locators. A button is pushed on the main unit and a tag that has been attached to the set of keys or remote control will chime to allow the person to find what they have misplaced. These units usually come with sets of three or four tags to track multiple items and can save hours of frustration.
  • Check Book Writing Guides – Even the visually impaired have to pay bills. These items are check size pieces of plastic or cardboard that have holes cut for the parts of a check that require writing. The holes can be felt and allow the person to write in the correct spot each time.
  • Simplified TV Remote With Large Buttons – Large size TV remotes are available without the complicated and numerous buttons that most remotes have. The number, volume and channel selector buttons are larger than normal and can even be found with lighted keys.
  • Talking Thermometer – A person with impaired vision would find it impossible to read a standard thermometer, but they still need to be aware of their body temperature when sick. These talking thermometers solve that problem by reading the body temperature and speaking the result.

The Mothers Day gifts for the vision impaired listed above are just a sample of the many items that can benefit your loved one. They can provide increased entertainment, assist in daily chores, or help keep that special person a little safer.