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Have You Heard About ISVI's
Braille Dots Print Shop...

...and what we can do for you?

Do you or your organization serve individuals who are blind or visually impaired? Do Senior Citizens frequent your establishment or are they members of your organization? If so, then you might ask yourself these questions:

"Can these folks read our menus, mailings, newsletters, bulletins, or other printed materials?"

"Could we offer an additional service for these people, designed to make it easier for them to read our printed materials?"

"Seniors", as well as persons who are blind and visually impaired, enjoy being able to read printed materials for themselves. Few adults openly choose to have others read for them if the print size is large enough for them to see--or in the medium they need, such as material printed in Braille. If such a service was available, these individuals would be able to read your printed materials without assistance!

The Braille Dots Print Shop is a vocational and educational experience for students. It is offered to upper class students who are currently enrolled in the computerized information-processing curriculum at the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired.  This curriculum is part of a sequential and approved Tech Prep program with Lincoln Land Community College.

These high-school students enter information on computer, save such data, and then produce such documents in enlarged print and Braille.

An original print copy can either be scanned or may be typed and set for printing by student employees. Enlarged print and Braille can also be converted from existing files that have previously been stored.

While practicing skills learned in class, these young people work as "employees" in a work-study setting--the Print Shop. They are able to gain valuable vocational experience in information processing and interpersonal skills while dealing with the public on a "business level."

If you believe your business or organization would be interested in providing such a service for the public or your members, consider giving the Braille Dots Print Shop a call.

The supervisor of the print shop can be reached by telephoning the school:  at (217) 479-4430.

Our mailing address is:

Braille Dots Print Shop
Illinois School for the Visually Impaired
658 East State Street
Frank Hall Building-Room 29
Jacksonville, Illinois  62650

Our business hours coincide with our school day; 8:00-3:30, Monday through Friday. Student-employees work during two class periods of each school day. We are closed during regular school breaks/holidays and when school is regularly not in session; June, July, and August.

Keep us in mind for all your large-print and Braille needs!

The Braille Dots Print Shop can do all these things to your printed materials!

We can change "fonts" — for easier reading!

We can change "point size" so text is larger and easier to read! We are able to provide up to 72-point print size!

We can change the "thickness" of the text as well!

We can even change text "color" if you prefer that, too!

We are the only local provider of "Braille" printing capabilities!
Braille-needs are our specialty!

The Braille Dots Print Shop
(217) 479-4430
E-mail the Print Shop